Obsessed…Bare Minerals Tip (that will only cost you 1 penny)

I am in love with bare minerals make-up and have been a loyal customer now for about oh, 5 years and counting.  In fact, recently I was willing to scan the glamorous shelves of Sephora to experiment with different foundations, only to discover that even more expensive brands couldn’t compare when tested against bare minerals tried-and-true excellence.

The only problem I had with this make-up was the way that the dispenser always leaves about 1-2 weeks worth left of foundation powder that you just cannot reach.  At $26 a pop, that’s real money down the drain!  I have had about 5 used-up dispensers over the years and (fortunately) saved them for the day that I discovered how to crack those things open.

In fact, I bought new compacts an entire month ago and have yet to use them because of this nifty trick!  All it took was asking my friendly Macy*s bare minerals counter expert – and voila!

Mystery solved.

Enjoy, fellow bare-minerals lovers!



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