Pinspiration: Summer Date Night

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The hubs requested that I “dress up” for this date, which meant, I had to wear heels.  Even though I own about 20 pairs of heels, for some reason I have a hard time sporting them since we moved to Boston.  Maybe it is because in Boston everything requires s0. much. walking.

Anyway, I opted for the wedge because I think they are easier to walk in (agree?).  You really can’t go wrong with black skinny jeans, and that banana republic sheer top has been dying to get out of my closet for about a year!  All said, I think it came together nicely.  At least he thought so!

We had a great night out, and for the record I totally recommend the new Spiderman!  I couldn’t get enough of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.  I kind of want to be her.


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