Notice Something New?

We’ve updated the blog!  Here are a few of the fun new features:

1. New Header: I love a simple look, so the cleaner the better.

2. Featured Post Slider: This feature allows you to see multiple posts – just click on your fav!

3. Drop-down Menu: Interested in one category more than others?  No problem…just click on the menu you will see a drop down list of categories, then click on your favorite one and read every post we have featured on that topic!

4. Subscribe: Love this blog?  Don’t forget to subscribe for updates!  We recently added Bloglovin’ to our list of ways to subscribe to our blog, in addition to following by email and Facebook.

5. We believe: A new link up for those curious about the Mormon faith.

6. Sponsor: We just added a brand new opportunity to sponsor us!  Please email if interested!  Or, if you are a fellow blogger, let’s sponsor swap!

Hope you enjoy the new look!

Oh yeah, and Happy 4th of July!!


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