My City: Boston’s Historic North End

Today, when I came back to work from my lunch break, my entire office had vacated.  Only one coworker remained, basically to wrap up a few projects and to let me know that everyone went home.  So, what’s a girl to do but go wander around the city!?

Only about a 10 minute walk across the Charlestown bridge, is Boston’s little Italy, or otherwise known as the North End.  This is one of my favorite places to go.  Not only is it totally charming and beautiful, but it also offers the most delicious pizza and italian desserts.  It also has adorable little italian old men like this, just chillaxin on their front stoop on a hot day.  I mean, come on – it doesn’t get much more authentic than than that!

I wandered around for about an hour, strolling through the streets casually with a fresh-squeezed lemonade in hand and the old North End Church in mind as my destination – but I saw so many great things on my way there!

Kitty posing.  Love him.

This is where Paul Revere lit up the night on his famous run. (below)

And then I found this super super cute business that hand-writes calligraphy invitations!  How great is that?!  And they have classes! (I’ll have to look into that…)

And then the night ended with a goodbye party for my friend Anna.  Super bummed that she is moving to ALASKA!  But then, that is a pretty cool adventure.  Overall, I cannot complain about this friday!  Ohh, I love summer.

Great day indeed.



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