When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Apples?

I don’t often do this, but the other day after growing bored with my usual spree of streaming shows on hulu.com, hgtv.com, and mylifetime.com (please don’t judge me-yes I watch dance moms) I was still in the mode to watch something, but I just wanted to watch something more uplifting.   So, I spent some time on mormon.org browsing through some of the profiles of featured people, most of whom are very successful or ‘almost celebrity’.  I kept clicking on video after video, all of which were uplifting, and then suddenly one in particular video really resonated with me beyond all of the others, and has been on my mind ever since.  So, I am sharing it with all of you.

Here is a little more about Athelia Kaye Woolley LeSueur:

“When I was 17, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that greatly affected how I lived my life. Over the last 15 years, I’ve thought a lot about what my life could have been had I not had this challenge. Sometimes, I’ve felt discouraged about lost opportunities and unmet life goals. Yet, I’ve also thought a lot about God and my true purpose on Earth. I believe my primary purpose on Earth is to gain a physical body and to grow spiritually. Although my disorder has not allowed me to do and become many of the things I’ve wanted, it has helped me to grow spiritually. I know that God gives us problems so that we can become better people than we would be otherwise. I feel grateful for this opportunity for growth in a way I never could have without my faith in God.”

Perhaps it is because I was in the mode to ponder plan a vs. plan b myself earlier this week, or that I have more empathy for her dancer aspirations after watching a few reality TV dance shows (Breaking Pointe – check it out).  I have never had significant health problems, I have never wanted to be a professional dancer, or an athlete, or a fashion designer, so in that level, I really cannot relate to her story, but I have had to deal with broken dreams and pick up the pieces a time or two in my life…and it sucks.  Which is why I was so incredibly excited to see someone successfully pull out of adversity and make something beautiful happen!  When I realized that this amazing woman took her misfortunes and spun them to become the founder and CEO of one of my favorite online retailers, Shabby Apple, I was so surprised and instantly saw her as a role model for me.

The fact that thousands of women out there now look fantastic in dresses because one incredible woman decided to create a new path for herself is the best.  If I dare say it, even better than her plan a.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!  Er…apple-ade?


One response to “When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Apples?

  1. I found this really inspiring since I have so much to relate to with her. Thank you for sharing this. It was a little answer to my pondering prayer today. Love you girls so much!

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