Some Seriously Talented Mommas!


I seem to have them in spades. Especially when it comes to putting off working on anything “artsy.”

But I know of several moms, (two of which I will mention in this post) that somehow find make the time to work on their stuff!

A couple of days ago we had a guest blogger, Bethany showcase some of her amazing work. Bethany is a super talented seamstress AND mommy. I am constantly impressed with how quickly she turns out her projects!! (Bethany, I must learn your secret) She  just made this dress for Valentine’s Day…

On her blog, she talks about how much of a struggle she had finishing this dress (on top of being sick) but she finished it! And it turned out great! You can see Bethany’s creations at Lil’ Bit & Nan and at the Sew Weekly.

Another mom I would like to mention is Michelle. I met Michelle when I was living in Florida last year. She is an amazing artist and fellow illustrator! I was in awe when I went to her house and saw all of her work. Then she goes on to tell me she has an Etsy shop and she had several projects going at once. I was like, “How on earth do you find the time??” Michelle has two little (busy) boys. I think she told me she doesn’t get as much sleep as she should. Hah!

You really must pay a visit to her Etsy page, Calamari Studio – so you can see her work up close. You can also get there by clicking on the pictures above.

I am so very impressed with these two ladies. They have helped fuel my motivation to get back on the artist track! I keep telling myself, “If they can do it, I can too!”



2 responses to “Some Seriously Talented Mommas!

  1. Thanks Bayba! The truth is, I go to bed really late. I think of the things that are doable while M.E. is awake and what is better to do while she sleeps. Thankfully she still takes 3 hour naps.

  2. Okay, I feel so silly finally leaving a comment about this so many days later… but I wanted to thank you so much for featuring my work on your beautiful blog! I was trying to leave a comment on the day this was published, but I am apparently not so tech savvy and couldn’t find the link to click to leave a comment. :-/

    Anyway, this post totally made my day! My art supplies had also not seen the light of day for too many years until a dear friend of mine who’s also a SAHM always had a million creative projects going started pushing me to break them out again. I thought for sure there couldn’t be enough time in the day to squeeze in such a time-consuming and messy past time, so I hadn’t even tried up until then (about a year before we moved to Naples, so it wasn’t that long ago), but after I started up, I remembered how much I loved it and haven’t stopped since. 🙂

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