Top 10 Beauty Products in My Life

I don’t consider myself a high maintenance person by any means, however, over the years I have grown attached to a few products that make it difficult for me to leave the house without.  I thought this might be an interesting list to share with my friends and readers.  Here are the top 10 products in my life, and why I keep them around!

  1. Murad Acne Skin Care Line. Back in 2009, I got sucked in by their infomercial and never once looked back.  I had tried everything from proactive to neutrogena, to clinique, and nothing ever really grew on me.  However, once I tried this line, I was hooked.  My skin has never been treated better.  Earlier this year, my supply ran out and I tried other moisturizers only to be completely disappointed.  Murad is expensive but the best!  It is so soft and light, and effective – you can’t even feel it on your skin.  This is one item I will make room in my budget for forever.
  2. Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm.  If you haven’t tried it yet, tinted lip balm is the best!  For those, who like me, don’t need or want  a ton of color on their lips this is the next best thing.  I ditched lipstick as a teenager because I don’t need any added attention to my already full lips, as it starts to look disproportionate (trust me on that one).  Tinted lip balm adds just a hint of color and moisturizes your lips so they never dry out. (I also use Bath and Body Works ‘Lemon & Ginger Tinted Lip Balm’ and love it).
  3. Sonia Kashuk Foundation Brush.  This brush has been a life saver!  Never again spend $35 at the Department Store for a make up brush.  For about 2 years I was using a Bare Essentuals (natural) brush that felt really scratchy, and I was ready for a change, but not ready to splurge on it.  I decided to give Target brand a chance and have been beyond impressed with the quality.  No more ouchies applying make up – this brush not only provides great coverage, but is only $8 AND silky soft.
  4. Murad T-Zone Pore Refining Gel.  Since I am already a devoted Murad fan, I decided to branch out to their other skincare lines and try a new treatment.  I will warn you, this little bottle is about $40, but it really does get rid of redness and makes your pores feel and appear smaller.  I give it 4 and a 1/2 stars out of 5 (only because I wish it cost less), and would recommend it to anyone looking to get smoother skin.
  5. Carmex.  Oh trusty carmex!  How many times would I have died without you over a long winter!?
  6. Metha Lip Shine Mint (Bath and Body Works).  What is better than a lip gloss that tastes like mint AND never gives you that annoying white ring on the inside of your lips after a full day of wearing gloss.  I absolutely love this stuff!
  7. Victoria’s Secret Angel Fragrance Mist.  I’m not gonna lie, I have splurged from time to time on expensive fragrances that I no longer enjoy the scent of.  I picked up this little bottle on a whim for about $5 and have never regretted it!  Not only does it smell like heaven, it also lasts a surprisingly long time and is very wearable.  I even think it lasts as long as my DKNY or Ralph Lauren, not for 2 seconds like other fragrance sprays.
  8. Bare Minerals Foundation.  I’m in love with this stuff, but I’ve already covered that here.
  9. Tide To-Go Pen.  I am so glad I discovered this thing!  It is literally like a magic eraser for stains.  I bought it (in emergency mode) after I spilled some soda on my favorite dry-clean only shirt – desperate.  After one scribble with this pen, the stain was gone.  I cannot even tell you how handy it has been since then.  I have yet to see a stain it cannot pull out in 2 seconds.  I give this pen 5 stars!
  10. TRESemme Split Remedy Line.  If you are a hair person and buy expensive shampoo, this recommendation is not for you because I am sure that your shampoo is great.  However, if you are a cheap drugstore shampoo buyer, like me, listen up.  A few months ago I had a sever case of split ends (I’m growing my hair out and had not had a trim in 1 year) and so I decided to give this product a go.  True to their promises, and much to my surprise, I really did see an 80% improvement in about 3 weeks.  I literally could not believe it.  Because it worked for me, I give it my stamp of approval and recommend it to anyone with a split end problem!

There you go!  That is my bathroom shelf in a nutshell.  Hope this helps you on your quest to never waste money on false advertising!


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