Maxi Skirt by Bethany

This is a guest post from Bethany!  You can find Bethany blogging at lilbitandnan and Sew Weekly.

I love sewing. It’s my talent and my medicine. It’s like a stress release for me. Something I can hibernate to and be alone in my wandering thoughts. However, I didn’t always love sewing. I used to be scared to death of a sewing machine. Every time I attempted, I broke something. I took an eight year hiatus from sewing and designing, until my daughter was born. She was my miracle from God. I didn’t realize the talents I truly possessed until she was born. It takes a lot of courage and strength (two characteristics I lack) to give birth. Since that day, I knew I was capable of accomplishing anything I wanted! And what I wanted was to design again and truly learn how to sew by machine. I enjoy recreating fashions that I normally cannot buy or have the money to do so. I study the pictorial and draft up a pattern, get the fabrics of my choice, and give it my own personal flare. My most favorite thing to do is recreate a fashion that I modestly wouldn’t be able to wear, and make my own the way I want it, and modest by my standards. Best part is: No one else has it!

The original inspiration of this dress was a spaghetti strap, short sundress. I gave my version length, a covered bodice, and sleeves. 
This dress was inspired by a very expensive cocktail dress that also happened to be shorter and have a low back. I gave my version length but still with that cocktail style feel, and a boat neckline for more back coverage.
This skirts original inspiration was a midi skirt at Anthro. I chose the same fabrics, my color choices and opted for maxi length (Downton Abbey style)
Original Anthro skirt
And since my daughter is my muse, I sew dresses for her as well.
Thank you Jones and Bayba, for having me today. You girls are the bestest! 
I am sew grateful for my talents God has blessed me with. I am joyous that I use them for the better of this world, and have the courage to teach others how to do the same. 
Stop by sometime and learn how to recreate and modest-fy your clothing. 


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