Flashback Friday: Making the Bed

Back in the day, when Bayba, Pam and I (Jones) all shared one room in Beverly Plaza (aka roach motel) in the LBC, we had a lot of good times.  Decked out with surf posters and band posters, and cheap, hand-me-down or free curbside furniture – we sure did feel authentic and super cool.  Pam worked odd jobs that entailed a lot of swimming and kids and in her free time, and was known to run around with her many friends to punk rock shows.  In her section, there seemed to be an ever-growing pile of mementos and papers that multiplied as months went on.  Meanwhile, Bayba and I were fairly new to the area and had a lot of classes together, and did a lot of art projects together.  Between the clothes, paint brushes, tool boxes full of art supplies, huge newsprint pads, charcoal (for drawing), and a non-functioning vacuum, it was hard to keep the place looking snazzy.  The net result was that our room was typically a war zone until one of us took initiative to clean it up.  This person was usually always Bayba.  We tried to do our best to keep the apartment clean and occasionally, we would even clean up the room for each other, but she was the one who did it the most, or who got on our case until we did it.

Our living room in that apartment

My only remaining picture of this bedroom (focus on the background)

One such afternoon I had the cleaning bug, and felt a wave of generosity come over me so I decided not only to clean up my side, but I wanted to clean Bayba’s side too.  She had gone back home to her parents house in NorCal (or was nannying) for a few weeks and I wanted her to feel impressed with coming back to a clean, orderly room.  I’ll add a disclaimer here-before I tell the real story- that Bayba by far was the tidiest roommate…just perhaps not the most efficient problem solver.

Once Bayba returned to see what I had done to the place, she really appreciated it.  She was even pretty excited about it.  However, there was just one glaring problem with my work.  The pillows were on the wrong side of the bed.  She usually slept the other direction.  It was a problem.  Easy fix, no?  Just pull the sheets, replace, and put the pillow on the other side. That’s what I was thinking, but I had already done so much work, I left her to her to resolve the issue and went into the kitchen to go make myself some lunch.

And here is the moment she will never live down.

I left the room and came back in a few minutes later to walk in on Bayba exerting herself greatly, pulling the bed frame around the room, struggling to move the wheels, frame, box spring and mattress so that it would face the opposite, right direction.

[I know, right?]

Just as she got the bed 3/4 the way to the other side, here is the conversation that ensued:

Jones: “Bayba, what…are you doing?” (grinning)

Bayba: “The pillows were on the wrong side” (duh)

Jones: [Just staring]

Bayba: “Uhhh What [blank stare returned]”

Jones: “Bayba.  The sheets- just do the sheets.”

Bayba: hands thrown in the air, then on head “Ahhh, Duh!  Why didn’t I Dooo that!!!?  Of course I would think of the hardest way possible.”

Then (my favorite part) in classic form, instead of finishing the job her way and pushing that last 1/4 of the way and calling it a day (at that point, the more practical choice), she pushes the bed all the way back to its original position (back all 3/4 of the way) and then proceeds to take the sheets off.   Double work.

To this day [obsiously, I just wrote this] we laugh when we think of that day.  And that is why I love her.



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