Maine Squeeze

This weekend I surprised blindsided my husband with a white-water rafting trip in Northern Maine.  Upon pulling into the rafting lodge after a 4 hour drive, it donned on him that we were about to go on a “life threatening” adventure…and for the next 4 hours (yes, into the wee hours) he was angry and threatened not to do it at all.  It was a close call.  I had to crank up my sweet wife skills and lay it on thick with the canoodling and convincing (sheesh), and even then we just went to bed without kissing goodnight.  He must have had a magic dream, because come morning, he was all smiles and excitement and the bad attitude had disappeared, replaced with classic cheerful Brigham.  And then we did it, and it was amazing, and now he can’t stop talking about how the next trip will be even better.  I call that a successful adventure! (click link to see pics of all the unglamorous action)

But that was just Friday morning of our weekend adventure in Maine.  That rafting trip was definitely the best thing that happened this weekend, but since I haven’t ordered the pics yet, and I didn’t have a waterproof camera, I made another list of highlights.  Here is the top ten of the rest of the trip:

  1. The biggest flies and ants I have ever seen. (I’m talking the size of your pinky toe, literally.)
  2. Making a human pyramid (cheerleader style) with our peers (who may or may not have been drunk) in the rafting lodge common living area? Uh, yeah…that happened.
  3. The most beautiful and breathtaking waterfall we didn’t even realize we would see.
  4. The biggest, coolest antique store maze ever.  I made Brigham turn us around for that one.
  5. The dirtiest, dingiest over-priced hotel in Portland, ME…and the live wedding we witnessed while taking a dip in the outdoor hotel pool.  Suuuper classy.
  6. Completing our android–> iPhone lookalike updates (tutorial to come later this week) while relaxing to TV on Saturday night.
  7. Our “The Notebook” style fight/make-up in the rain (that lasted about 10 min), outside the restaurant in Portland.  Followed by a very delicious pizza at the best pizza restaurant in town Portland Pie Co.  And a lot of smiles.
  8. A continental breakfast which I am pretty sure featured recycled cornbread muffins from the night before…
  9. The best. beach. period. on the Northern East Coast {thank you Jenn R. for showing convincing me to go}  Future summer vacas? Cute little beachside cottages? Yes, please.
  10. Found dismembered crab on the shore…one piece at a time.  Only in Maine!

Here’s to starting summer off with a bang.



4 responses to “Maine Squeeze

  1. So, so fun!! I love this. What a great wifey you are 🙂 And Maine was totally one of our favorite trips, we can’t wait for another trip there. Now we have some great ideas of what to do thanks to you! 🙂

  2. Um, yea I want to be you:) What a great trip for you two! I can’t believe Brigham wasn’t all in the second you got there. I love reading about your adventures:)

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