Guest Post: Mod & Neutral Baby Blanket

I’ve been wanting to do a baby blanket tutorial for a long time, but selfishly never got around to making a baby blanket for my little one. Now that she isn’t a baby anymore, I really didn’t see the point, she already has a favorite. But my long time and dear friend, Josh, and his wife (who is my recent friend!) are expecting a baby boy. I felt this was a great opportunity to make blankie I have been dying to make, and give a gift to the most wonderful couple I know and love. They have a very mod theme to the nursery. Clean lines, neutral and bright colors. Fresh and relaxing.

I chose 1 yard of faux chambray (broadcloth cotton, chambray look-alike) and I chose a yard of yellow elephant print from the Tiny Tip Top line. For the trim, I chose 5 yards of red rick rack.

First, I pressed the edges down all the way around my two separate yards, then pinned the rick rack between each of the fabrics. I pinned all the way around.

Then, of course I sewed all the way around. I used read thread to contrast with the yellow and blue. If I had sewn this in one day, it would have taken me maybe 3 hours tops. Super easy and quick project for the little ones to benefit from.

Wah-la! Your blankie is done, and ready to snuggle a precious little one with.

Thanks for having me!



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