Color Block Maxi Dress

Dress [handmade, $10]  Necklace [H&M $5]  Belt [F21 $5] Shoes [Cotton On $15] Bag [Cotton On $5] Shades [H&M $5]

So…I made this dress.  And, I LOVE it!!  Not only does it include my favorite trends of spring, (coral, teal colors, color-blocking, maxi) but it was RIDICULOUSLY easy to make, and basically $10.  I don’t mean that in the way like ‘easy for me because I’ve been sewing stuff my whole life’ — I mean, like 5 seams altogether, anyone can do it.

Make the Look

The trickiest part of making this dress is picking out the fabric.  I go straight to, which I recommend to anyone.  The skirt portion (which you can make stand alone) is a rayon-jersey-stretch(knit) blend that runs about $4/yard depending on the color.  You’ll need about 1.5 yards for the skirt.  The top portion is rayon, which I bought because I loved the color, but any cotton/rayon blend will suffice and you’ll need about 1 yard.

Basically all you do next is trace your favorite maxi skirt and favorite shirt as a pattern, cut, pin, and sew.

Similar looks that are just as simple, that I am probably going to make:

A little more advanced (down the line):

I’ll keep you posted 😉


p.s. If anyone would like a legit tutorial for this color block maxi dress, post a comment and I’ll get one out later this week.


2 responses to “Color Block Maxi Dress

  1. I would DEFINITELY like the tutorial on it. I have been wanting to make a maxi skirt forever! And need a little direction.

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