Classic boho with a dash of preppy vintage sass.

Dallas, TX

So what do Bayba and I do when we hang out for the first time since 2008 (not counting that 1 hour visit when Brigham and I stopped by on our country-long road trip to Boston)?

We laugh. At. Everything.

Do us a solid and read this article “Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife Blogs” [if the link doesnt work google “feminist obsessed with mormon housewife blogs” from] about an athiest-feminist-educated-married-to-an-ex-mormon-late-20-something-career-woman who is addicted to no less than 5 mormon housewife blogs at a time.  It’s quite endearing.  But if you can’t get through that, just skip to the good stuff, i.e. this – an entire blog anonymously written to satire your standard mormon housewife blog [spoiler alert: we stole the title of this post from one of posts we found particularly funny].

You’re welcome, in advance.  Perhaps it is a sign that our IQ’s are not very high, but we have been entertained by this blog alone for the past 5 hours.


Jones (& Bayba)


3 responses to “Classic boho with a dash of preppy vintage sass.

  1. seriously?… Please tell me that chick is not really like that! She sounds like Glinda from Wicked. She gives us a bad name!

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