Pinspiration: 100% (recycled & free) Pouf

I made a pouf tonight!

I guess you can be pretty darn productive when you don’t have a playful husband in town to distract you from getting things done.  Anyway, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve had my eye on these poufs on pinterest for a little while now…

…particularly because I have had 2 very unfortunate, firm, large 24″ pillows that always seemed to be in JUST the right spot to trip over on a regular basis.  They are too firm to sleep with, so they always end up on the floor somewhere.  In a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, we don’t need any additional clutter.

  So, needless to say, I was just as hip on nixing those pillows as I was on making a pouf.  And as they were already situated as squares, I decided to take the simple route and make the square pouf. I’m all about efficiency.  Also, the pattern appeared to be the easiest!  How can you go wrong with a bunch of squares and rectangles?

Here is the tutorial I used (only I didn’t use rugs, because I didn’t want to end up with a bunch of broken needles in my sewing machine)

Best part is it was 100% FREE!!

How did I do that?

1. Recycled Fabric

2. Recycled batting/filler foam

3. Recycled zipper

4. I made it myself!

I didn’t spend a single penny on this project.  I used fabric that had a previous life on the dining tables at my backyard wedding:

See that adorable fabric under the soda cans (get it?  Jones & Welch) and photo montage wall?  Indulge me and look at my wedding photos, will you…

As you can see, my fabric had an excellent first life!

Moving onto the batting.  Once I removed the pillows from those white pillow cases I inserted them as-is directly into the pouf.  At that point, I realized that I had two issues (a) I’d need a zipper and (b) I’d need some extra filler to fill out the gaps between the pillows in there.  So, I solved problem (a) by ripping out the zipper in the one of the original white pillow cases from Ikea.  It was exactly the right length!  Problem (b) aka the filler issue took a little more thought, but I got to a solid solution.  Enter “A-ha” moment!

The extra layer of foam on my bed has seen better days (orig $15 from Target) so I ripped it off and started cutting it into 24×24 inch squares.  Once I painstakingly inched those foam pieces into their respective quadrants, I was pretty stoked with the result!  No lumps at all!

Not bad for zero dollars, huh?

Thanks for reading!



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