Visitors & Plans

Why hello there.  Notice my absence, anyone?  Yeah, me too.  Yikes.  Oh, I’ve just been busy enjoying in my husband’s completed Master’s program and entertaining family visitors for the past two weeks!

(And wohken out a 5 yeah plan foh owah futchah nows thats school is 90% ovah).

Speaking of which, aren’t these houses adorable?  That Boston accent apparently has grown on me.  I can’t believe I’m saying this (after all my complaining about winters here) but I can actually envision myself sinking into one of these triple deckers (3 story home).  Here’s the plan for now.  (A) Brigham finds a teaching job here  (B) We save up and buy a triple decker and rent out 2 floors and live on the first (essentially mortgage free) (C) After student loans are clear, I quit my job and make babies (or raise them, whichever comes first) (D) We fly to Cali every summer to enjoy family and REAL summer.  Sounds good right?  So, here’s to saving for a mortgage!  Can you blame me?  Just look at that charm!  That yellow house is practically begging me to put my name on it.

Boston Marathon

Dreaming aside, (my dad always said “life happens when you’re busy making plans”) for now, we were so happy to entertain both sides of the family and to show off this place to some of the people we love most.  Here are a few of our highlights.

Of course the visitors from SoCal had perfect weather here!

Bike rental, anyone?

Best park ever! We discovered this on a walk, they even have a zipline! (you can see the guy in the distance sitting on it)

amazing pizza on the Italian North End of Boston. (Excuse my “all natural” look – it’s hard to primp when you’re stepping over parents in your living room while getting ready in the morning!)

Mom and Dad…my mom “oh I just LOVE Boston!” I heard that a few times last weekend!

Our digs. Isn’t it cute?

This teacher came to the Graduation just to see Brigham. He was a favorite with a few teachers.  Mr. 4.0.  So proud!

Dinner with a view at the Hyatt harbor side. Panoramic view of the city across the harbor.

 And that’s why I haven’t been blogging lately.
I’ll get back on the wagon soon though, don’t worry.

Especially since I’ll be FLYING TO SEE BAYBA for the first time EVER in 1.5 weeks!

Excited much?
I. can. not. wait.

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