Guest Post: 10 Things I’ve Learned Doing Sew Weekly

I’ve been participating on the Sew Weekly since 2011, when I stumbled across Mena’s site at the end of 2010, while searching “handmade vintage dresses”. You see, I had inherited boxes and boxes full of vintage sewing patterns and decided I would sell some and use some for myself. I just needed a motivator. And their she was, Mena, my motivator!

In 2011 I sewed along the sidelines of the 5 featured sewists of the year, MenaDebiVeronicaAdey, and Sarah. I decided to tackle it, but only the easy ones so I didn’t get over my head into something we didn’t have money to spend on. I felt confident enough towards 2012, to be an active main page participant. And though I have learned a lot, I’m giving you the top 10 most important.

1. No matter how pretty the print is doesn’t mean I should buy shirting fabric. This stuff does nothing for me. It’s not comfortable, it gets eaten by my babylock, it’s just not practical. I’ve made this mistake twice so far.

2. I’ve learned that teen vintage patterns fit my body type much better. Like I never went through puberty.

3. I can fake curves with certain fabrics and patterns. It’s fabulous!

4. I can have a support system continents away! My close friends don’t sew much, well not like I do. I feel they aren’t even interested in my love for sewing. I don’t even think they read my blog…but my Sew Weekly friends do. And they have such kind words to say, whether they are in New York, Australia, or Ireland. I love it.

5. There is a presser foot just for hems! Now I just need more practice with it.

6.  Thanks to the Sew Weekly, my husband is getting better at photography. He takes all my photos. I must work harder at my modeling and not feeling awkward when strangers stare at me.

7. I can do things I am afraid of trying – like buttonholes by machine.

8.  I can finish a project quicker than I thought I could. It’s about making time for it and being motivated to do it.

9. Certain fabrics must be cut on the bias. Stop trying to pretend they don’t need to be. This is a problem I need to overcome.

10. I have learned to like wearing dresses. I am a natural tomboy. Jeans and t-shirts suit me best. But when I make a dress I like, I am more willing to wear it for no reason at all.

Well, that’s my list. I’m sure I will have more to share in 6 more months.



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