What Happens in Vegas…

This weekend the hubs and I took a trip out to Fabulous Las Vegas to get a little R&R and a wedding. His mom’s wedding.  She (a widow) and the groom to be were both interested in a quick and entertaining ceremony, by Elvis.  And, because of traffic and the tight schedule of the chapel, we were 5 minutes away from missing it entirely!  Fortunately, we didn’t miss it, because it was so much fun.  The entire weekend was a hit!

I’ve driven through Las Vegas about 50 times in my life, and never once stayed on the strip or seen any shows or been inside any of the casinos.  Let alone, wedding chapel row.  So many high and low points.


High Points…

1.  Getting the butterflies when Elvis walked into the chapel to sing and give my mother in law away in a real Vegas wedding!  It may or may not be the first time I felt starstruck.

2. Seeing my nieces and nephews and holding cute little baby Ian.

3. Getting a text from my friend Camille that she is reaching out to her old friend Cassie (a Vegas performer who was on America’s Got Talent), who got us a HUGE discount on 2 shows!  Then meeting Cassie after the show, and getting to know a totally sweet and genuine person!  Camille literally had a baby the night before she texted me with the deal.  Now that is a good friend.

4. Sitting in the VIP section of the Variety show and watching Brigham get called up on stage to participate in a magic trick!  (Melinda the magician asked him a series of questions and pulled his answers out of a suspended chest that was hanging in the air on stage prior to asking him anything).  Then, after hearing some of his answers, Melinda looking at me and saying “You’ve got a good guy here!”  I know Melinda, I know.  He’s a keeper 😉

5. The Bellagio buffet.  Enough said.  FIVE GLOWING STARS.

6.  The Bellagio light show!  A must see.  Totally breathtaking paired with Andrea Bocelli’s version of “Time to Say Goodbye”.

7.  Going bowling (2 games) AND seeing a movie in the same casino, all for $30!  (it made the crappy buffet almost worthwhile)

8.  Laying out at the pool for 4 days straight, and getting a wicked tan line.  Goal achieved!

9.  In-n-Out cheeseburger, milkshake, and animal style fries.  Rubio’s fish tacos.  Two indulgences I miss always in Boston.

10.  Madame Tussands Celebrity Wax Museum.  Totally hit the spot when we needed to kill an hour!  So much fun 🙂

And…The Low Points…

1.  That passed-out drunk lady (sitting down, head down, forward and a little to the side) with an almost-full bottle of beer in hand, sitting next to me at the public bus stop.  Unconscious.  “Bus stop?” you ask…Why were we there?  Oh yes, my sweet husband wanted to hit up the $8.99 lunch buffet at The Orleans, which was about a mile down to the ghetto part of Tropicana Street, and we he didn’t want to pay a cab fare, (as that would defeat the purpose of the discount buffet.)   Too hot/dangerous to walk, so bus it was.   Then, an added bonus, on the way back waiting at a bus stop riiiight in front of Deja Vu’s Adult Emporium.  Suuuper classy.

2. Those food chunks at the bottom of the supposedly clean plate tray at the $8.99 buffet.  So appetizing.  Add that to mingling with the over 60+ diabetic smoker crowd, and it made for an awesome meal.  Lunch, anyone?

3. The 60+ year old and the 18-ish year old ladies passing out escort service cards on the street corner.  Really?  Immigrants…a little dignity?  There is a better way!  Get out of the sex-slave trade.

4. Ordering a variety taco plate for dinner after the wedding and getting a “bean” taco with literally a can of refried beans inside a taco shell, and nothing else.  Getting an “avocado” taco with literally only 2 slices of avocado plus a can of refried beans inside a taco shell.  Yum.

5.  Bringing my fashionable F21 sandals and not my rainbow flipflops.  Big mistake.  Oh, the walking.  From Tropicana Hotel (where we stayed) to The Venetian, and baack, though every casino pedestrian maze in between…and just not making it.  Had to cave and buy $30 sandals to make it through the day.

6.  A $12 slurpee from the poolside cafe.  Really?  $12 for a 16 oz cup of crushed ice and flavored syrup.

7.  Sleeping in that wonderful, amazing king size bed…and realizing I slept the whole night 2 feet away from my hubby.  I really missed the cuddles!  (we have a full size bed at home)

8.  Checking out of our hotel at 12pm on Tuesday, and um, having 12 more hours to kill before our redeye flight home.  Not recommended.  Get me outta this place,  like, Yesterday!

9. Having 34 channels on our hotel TV and not one of them is HGTV or TLC.

10.  Waiting an hour (and walking all the way to Treasure Island) to see the free pirate show, only to see 12 scantily clad girls dancing badly all over a ship.  And then walking away.


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