77 Bucks

Sorry people, no ‘flashback friday’ today…but not for lack of juicy stories or hilarious memories…more like a lack of everything it takes to sit down and write it out!  So, I’ve come up with another post for today.  We’ll get back on the FBF ball next Friday!

Instead, I want to tell you all a little story.  Today, I went to Target to pick up some last-minute breakfast snacks for our little weekend trip to Las Vegas.  Sin City is famous for all-you-can-eat buffets, and since all I can visualize right now is me in a bathing suit by the pool for 4 days getting tan, some healthy and light breakfast items in lieu of  3 square buffet’s (15,000+ calories/day?…not so much) appealed to me.  Just a few pieces of fruit, yogurt, bagels, juice…shooting for under $30.00…etc.  Sounds like a good plan, right?

But then something like this happened.

Along with a new eye shadow brush (just 1.99) and some clear nail polish to protect my new self-produced manicure (4.49), can’t forget the travel soap containers (2.99)…oh and while I’m at it let me restock on my shampoo supply (3.39 & 4.29) –by the way, Tresseme Split End Remedy line TOTALLY works, I was doubtful going in but I have seen a huge difference–

And BOOM.  Checkout Total $77.39


Target!  I want to punch you in the face!  But seriously, don’t go anywhere because I love you so much.

Tell me I’m not alone here.

Speaking of my self-produced manicure, I may as well focus on the positive.  I’m quite proud of myself, I already got 2 compliments on it while running errands this afternoon.

Similar Tutorial here.  Anyone on the brink, Essie is worth the $8 splurge.  It dries fast, has the most beautiful colors, and stays on forever.

And, can’t forget the toes! (although I didn’t get fancy) I am in love with this Coral color.

Shoes $14/ Maxi Dress $15/ Belt $5: Forever 21

And tahdah.  I’m ready to fly in comfort and style.  Mainly comfort though.  It’s a long flight.



2 responses to “77 Bucks

  1. Dude! I don’t know how I spend so much at Target. Essie nail polish is all I will use. I love them. You look fabulous Jones! Have fun in Vegas. Wish I could soak in the sun with a friend. Much Love!

  2. Happens all the time if I’m not careful! The worst is when you go for something specific, spend more money than you were planning to, and then half way home realize you forgot to get the one thing you actually went to Target for! Have a fun weekend getaway!

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