Poppies will put them to sleep


It is FINISHED. Or at least, as finished as it’s going to get (minus putting a top-coat of varnish on it, I need to wait until it is completely dry for that). I could tweak little things about the painting fooooorever. But no, it is time to leave it alone!

And here it is, filling up the large space of wall above our bed.

A wider view…

PS- Seeing it up makes me realize how much I want to redo our bedding. This morning I told Greg that I thought it was ugly. He said, “Well, when you bought it you didn’t think it was ugly. When did it become ugly?” Oh I don’t know! When did people decide that acid wash jeans were ugly? Or Jennifer Aniston’s original “Friend’s” hair cut was ugly? Or puffy-sleeved wedding dresses? It just happens. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that it is outdated. And ripped. And faded. But replacing it has been pretty low on the priority list when you’re living the law school life. Maybe I could get crafty and at least redo the throw pillows. Hmm…. I smell another project that will take me infinitely longer than intended on my to-do list…

And a close up!

Texture is fun!

– Bayba


5 responses to “Poppies will put them to sleep

  1. You are so relented! I love your painting. Maybe you could convince this other talented Emily that I know to make a print pillow case for you to match 😉

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