Flashback Friday: Teen Girl Squad

If you recognize the character below, you’ll have 100% joy in the rest of this post.  If you don’t, then, well I apologize for wasting your time today on the internet.  But actually, this character is the epitome of wasting time on the internet (so if you’re looking to waste some time today…)

But seriously, wasting time on the internet is an integral part of the college experience, no?

If I had not been introduced to this website by my obsessed roommates, who laughed their heads off watching little animated skits on this website, I wouldn’t recognize it either…

Buuuuuut, they did.

And now today, I am lol-ing quietly inside (because I’m at work) to this…pure…awesomeness once again!

Seriously, how long has it been since the last time you saw TGS?!  Two words…TOO LONG!!!

Cheerleader, So and So, What’s Her Face, and The Ugly One!

 CHEERLEADER – I love to cheerlead and I’m in a band called KISSY BOOTS! I am lead singer and pretend to play guitar. I LOVE summer fashions! I ❤ olda boyz! I am the leader of the squad so don’t mess!!

SO AND SO – I enjoy student council and over achieving. I like summer fashions and doing homework! I work at the shirt folding store and I don’t like my step mom (ich, Judith!) I love the mall and wish it could be my ring tone.

WHAT’S HER FACE – I met a possum once, I like to hang out with Thomas and watch his sweet moves. I don’t think that taking vowels out of words always makes them cool, only sometimes …umm I think I have a chance with this guy…

THE UGLY ONE – I get nerovous talking to olda boyz. I really love fashion and three piece swim suits! Corn and corn alone day is my favorite lunch at school! And Gnarly Nursing Home Green is my favorite color! I always follow the cheerleader becuase she helps me to get boys!

 “Arrowed” – Pahahaha

Happy Friday (the 13th)

-The Emily’s


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