Best in Show

Today’s blog post comes from Camille, you can find Camille anytime at the Millar Memoir.

A few years ago, Camille made this table and entered it into the County Fair.  She won Best in Show!  She also won $20 (which she used to buy some shoes)…

In her words…

“So once upon a time, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to take a perfectly nice table, sand it down, draw all over it, woodburn it, paint it white, then paint it black, and then paint it all different colors. And Jason thought I was crazy, naturally.

But I did it anyways.

AHHH carpal tunnel!! My wrists, my aching wrists.

 I taped off the sides, and put down a white primer, then proceeded to do a base black, getting the crevices really well…

And then got busy painting! Lots and lots of paint; pretty much everything needed two or three coats.

I finished it with 3 layers of a polycrylic finish, but I think after the fair, I’ll do 2 or 3 more. I just don’t want to be picking out food crumbs that get stuck in the niches.

(by the way, Jason and Camille met on the set of Beauty and the Beast – she was Belle and he was the prince.  He proposed on stage!)

The polka dots on the dress! Ahh!

The plan is to shave off the sides and make it into a coffee table when its too small to be the kitchen table.”



One response to “Best in Show

  1. That is such an awesome table! It looks great, and I love that it is a little “couple” history too!

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