Flash-Back Friday: Dress Up

I’ve been known to be funny occasionally. Albeit in a dorky, random, make-a-fool-out-of-yourself kind of way. I was going through my pics from my college days and came across several gems.

To get a laugh, sometimes I would dress up randomly. For example, I got this great idea from my (then) 13 year old brother:

Presenting, Upside Down Man!

Try it. Better yet, get someone else to try it walking around a drunken college student-filled apartment complex at night –  It’s pretty hilarious.

Well, I wasn’t the only one that thought it was pretty funny:

(Don’t kill me Pam!)

Pam rocking out my high school PE uniform.

And perhaps my crowning gem:

I call it, “Questions AND Answers!”  (Another high school PE uniform top paired with scrubs, Old Navy knit scarf and beanie – Not pictured: Some truly gnarly boots)

A week or so ago I took my kids outside to play and my Little Noonie insisted on accessorizing:


I think not.

Happy Friday!



2 responses to “Flash-Back Friday: Dress Up

  1. I miss your random dress up days! I too have that pic of Pam. I’m thinking of facebooking it….J/K.

  2. I just laughed and teared up a little. I cannot believe you put those pictures up on the internet. It feels like one of those what happens in college stays in college moments. But as long as this page doesn’t come up when I am googled it’s all good.
    On another note, my legs looked goooooooood back then. Dang!

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