When Geneology Reveals the Bison Within.


You see this picture here?  This, my friends, is a record from the US Catalog of Copyright entries: Works of Art from the Library of Congress.

That man, Henry Nicholas Moeller, was a physician and an artist in the early 1920’s who apparently sculpted a skull of an American Bison, and copyrighted it.  He is also my Great Great Grandfather (which explains my super high intelligence AND artistic abilities).

 (To Bayba, inside joke, “Reveal…the Bison…within!” – to the rest of you, imagine this guy – a really stuffy Columbia and Yale educated Art History teacher with a plugged-up-nose voice standing in front of a huge room with a projected image of a Bison painting, saying this phrase over and over again.  AKA Gag me.)

This source also documents that he was a Painter, Illustrator, and Sculptor, who had work in the “Society of Independent Artists” Exhibitian. I wonder if I went to a NYC library that I might be able to find some of his artwork documented?

Henry Nicholas Moeller immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1861.  He lived the duration of his life in Manhattan, New York City, as a successful Physician and Artist.  According to the US 1920 Census, he was a homeowner with five “servants” (1 african american, 4 white of German descent), was married and had 8 kids!

Family stories relay that the oldest, Josephine (who also went by Sophie, and is my Great Grandmother) grew up playing with the Rockefeller’s, as Henry, her father, was their family physician.  That’s right, THE John D. Rockefeller Family.

In the past 2 days, I have been able to unearth about 5 generations in every single line of my family history!  It kind of feels like I am adding them as Facebook friends, except that it is WAY more meaningful and  important (and that I am using ancestry.com and new.familysearch.org instead, and that they are all dead)!

I am hoping that since Dr. Henry Nicholas Moeller seemed to be wealthy and prominent that I’ll be able to find more interesting things in my roots.



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