Baby Shower Fun

This weekend was nuts!  Along with the rest of March, Saturday and Sunday flew by with unprecedented speed.  Saturday went like this: baby shower at 9am, then go to friends house to make tortillas from scratch, the go to RS recipe exchange, then go pick up friend for trip to home depot, then drop her off and go to other friends house to help out with a craft, then go home exhausted, then clean up house, then finally, sleep.

The baby shower was so much fun though, and in true ‘me’ fashion…extremely chill.  In fact, we only had one game!  We just hung out and ate food!  Oh yeah, and gave a few gifts.  Most of the gifts were handmade, which was very inspiring (particularly the newborn size owl beanie that will soon by on my friend Jessica’s Etsy shop!)

Rebeckah & Camille

Here is a close-up of what Camille made for Rebeckah's baby girl!

And for the decorations…

The AMAZING diaper cake made by Jenn (it took her 5 hours!)

For the banner tutorial, click here.

Banner & Cake

Cards I made last minute!

I was inspired by this tutorial

After I drew the bike, I painted it black freehand.

And lastly, my partner in crime: EMILY!

Fun times!



One response to “Baby Shower Fun

  1. I love that you end your post with “fun times” that’s the definition of Jonesism. SUper cute baby shower BTW!

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