Flashback Friday: Beach Blvd Drives

When I was a little kid and even a teenager, I only wanted one thing: a very best friend.  For me growing up, BFF’s were few and far between.  Friends were everywhere, I had lots of friends, but that 100%-be-myself bond was rare at best, and when I did find it, it always seemed to be a friend who went to another school or didn’t live close by.  In other words, no dice.

All of that changed for me in my freshman year of college, and by the end of college I felt like a new person (to say nothing of who I am now that I married a college buddy).  They say that the college age in a young person’s life is a time of self discovery.  That was absolutely true for me.  For the first time ever, I truly felt like I belonged, and I felt like I really knew who I was.  But it wasn’t just my age, independence or my new interest in academics that changed my life, it was mostly being blessed with friends who wanted to get to know the real me, who helped strengthen my testimony of the gospel, and who loved me unconditionally.  I love those years so much.  In fact, I was so relaxed, comfortable and happy in those years that I actually developed a slower, calmer stride (as Bayba mentioned here).  Ah, love those days!

***Now to the Beach Blvd Drives***

Some of my favorite memories are late night drives with Bayba down to the beach for no reason in particular, other than to zone out and talk, vent, think, ponder and just be in the moment.

In Southern CA, the best places to drive are by the beach. We lived right by the beach (go beach!), our school was right by the beach, so naturally, our route was Beach Blvd to PCH, and basically any street that looped those two together.

Bayba and I had these drives many-a-night.

When we were stressed, we’d go for a drive.  When we were processing a break-up, we’d go for a drive.  When we were totally happy and just felt like zoning out, we’d go for a drive!

Even when we got to our destination, we would often take another loop just to make it last longer. We could talk and discuss, cry like a basket case, or not talk at all…it didn’t make a difference.  There were never awkward silences.  And, we would always, exclusively listen to Death-Cab for Cutie.  Transatlanticism album…to be specific.

To fully appreciate the mood and calming effect of such drives, I’ve tried to recreate the moment for you.

++Nostalgic Recreation++

Picture us (or you), listening to this song…(read: press play now)

…with these beautiful so-cal scenes…(it took some time to compile these instagrams so appreciate each one!)

…in this AWESOME car…(my trusty 1987 Chevy Nova or Bayba’s green ex-mission-car Corolla *not pictured)

Oh Nova, how I miss you now!

These memories of zoning out with Bayba, driving by the beach somewhere, are classic and timeless.  You know that you have a best friend when time, circumstances, and life roles have changed, but the enjoyment of friendship stays exactly the same!  What I wouldn’t give to just take one of these carefree drives nowadays with all the stress of adult life.  Sigh.  But now, we have the blog, which has kind of the same effect on me, thank goodness!

And of course, we’ll always have these memories!



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