Hand Printed, Hand Made Ombre Scallop Patterned Pillow

Well folks, perhaps my “lofty goals” (see here) weren’t that lofty after all, since it only took me two afternoons to make my first hand printed, hand made pillow!

I’ve been really intrigued with the scallop patterns I’ve been seeing everywhere lately, i.e.

{image sources here, here and here}

…so I thought I’d start there.  Also, it is such a simple shape, it would be so easy to carve it out and test the process.  I’m really pleased with the results, especially because the pattern is just as cool when you flip it upside down because it looks like little umbrellas (at least I think so!)…

I decided to make a pillow with the fabric I printed on, and I love it!  It really brightens up my living room and adds a splash of color and charm.  It also reminds me of the pacific ocean (maybe that’s just an internalization though) hahaha.  Here it is again right-side-up!

Okay, well, I know that not everyone is down with making their own prints, but I thought it would only be fair to post the process for those interested in a quick tutorial.

I used water-based printing ink (oil based is better but nasty to clean up), a roller, a linoleum block and a carving tool.  All of these supplies will cost you about $25 at a local art store, but it is well worth the investment if you plan on using them on a regular basis.  I recommend printing a few times on paper just to check your image before moving onto fabric.

I also took a trip to the local discount fabric store in Cambridge, MA and found this material for $1 per sample (about 2’x2′ square)!  Deal!

By the way, to do the ombre effect, just add a little bit of white to the original color each time you ink up the roller for each new row!

And that’s it.

I have a feeling this is the first of many patterns and pillows to come!



2 responses to “Hand Printed, Hand Made Ombre Scallop Patterned Pillow

  1. Amazing Jones!! I see the need for an etsy shop in your near future! AND ps – I really want to try this!

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