Another painting in the works…

So you know that one I started a few weeks ago? (And I was being so vague about what it was…) Yeah. I’m kind of at a road block. It’s not turning out like I had hoped. Maybe oil paints are the wrong medium. Anyway, while I was struggling with that project I came across a few things on Pinterest that inspired me to start something else:

large painting as headboard.

A painting as a headboard

love the dresser and the flower painting

These flowers…

And some canvas I wanted to paint over stashed under my bed.

( Little side note:  My canvas stash is all painted with random projects from my college days. And since I have NO intention of plastering my walls with self-portrait midterms, I was happy to recycle one. I actually painted over the portrait on this canvas in a cream color over a year ago – with every intention of doing something with it. Hah.)

And somehow here’s what I got (so far):

(Sorry about the blurriness)

I should have taken a picture of it before I started on the flowers – because it was sketched out and the entire background was painted in a few hours one evening. I had to leave it alone to let it dry a bit. If you didn’t know already – oil paints can take weeks and weeks to dry. I used some nifty stuff called Res-n-gel mixed with my paints to speed the drying time, but it still took a while. And then life happens and the occasional night I intended to work on it – I just didn’t. Headache, tired, babies won’t sleep, not in the mood… etc.

A few days ago my husband told me he was mad at me. Then said something like “I want you to finish it, it was looking so good already.”  With good reason, he was genuinely afraid it was going to turn into another thing I start, but never finish. (But dear, you see – I have this blog now and a renewed sense of creativity! It will get finished!!)

I’m grateful for his not-so-gentle prodding though. : )

Here I am, working away:

I’m seriously excited to get this finished!



4 responses to “Poppies

  1. OH MY GOSH!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! i want to come over and see it! where are you going to put it when you’re finished!?

  2. Bayba, that last picture TOTALLY reminds me of our apartment and how it was placed right up against the window in the kitchen/dining room! And you sit with your feet on it the same way! Awe…total nostalgia 🙂 – Jones

  3. Sometimes I am so jealous of your artistic talents. But then, I would have more things I feel guilty about NOT doing, so I suppose I’ll just be happy for yours =). It looks so good! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    • haha, me too meg! The other day Brigham was like “I know how it feels to not be as good as other people at the viola and being excited for them, so after seeing bayba’s art, I know how you feel.” hahaha. Meh, she’s a prodigy I am just thrilled to see her talents shining again! – Jones

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