Jones’ Lofty Printmaking Goals

I happened upon these cute mugs today as I was searching for inspiration for patterns.  I like to scan popular home goods stores to see what is trending in pattern designs.

{By the way, these amazing mugs are on sale for $4.99 right now.  If I weren’t supporting  a musician in grad school, I’d totally get them.}

Anyway, why was I searching for inspiration you ask? When I was an art major, I LOVED printmaking.  One of my goals this year is to get back into it in a big way.  Expect future posts of me carving and making prints of art and patterns for fabric, paper, etc.  It’s an ambitious goal, I know, but I’m determined.  Kind of like this guy in India:

I just feel like not only would it be cooler to print your own design on your own fabric, but is sure beats paying $60 a pillow, if you catch my drift.  And, you get the added bonus of that feeling of accomplishing one of your art goals.

Here is another real life inspiration (from Etsy seller giardino).  These are just a few samples of all that this artist has done with block printing on linen and other fabric.  You’ll see that this is the same pattern, only with different color schemes.

And another…

and another…

Does anyone else love the idea of printing your own patterns and getting to choose your own colors?  I love these colors and this pattern especially.  I can’t wait to figure this out myself and give it a go!  I’ll keep you posted if anything develops.



3 responses to “Jones’ Lofty Printmaking Goals

  1. Let me know when you figure it out. I want to do a surfboard type pattern for some fabric to use in the boys room but most of what I have seen is too busy. Make me something surf/islandy and I will help you support that musican;)

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