Guest Post: Kara’s Photo Magic

 This is a guest post from Kara.  You can find more of Kara’s work here 

I have always loved photography. That’s what I did for fun growing up. My friends would come over and we’d dress up and take pictures. Maybe I’m just vain, but I love the camera! Sometime in the middle of high school I realized that my little hobby could actually be a career. With no real experience or classes under my belt, I decided to apply to Brigham Young University’s Photography program my senior year of high school. To my surprise, I was accepted (with a photography scholarship)! My first photography class was very intimidating because I didn’t even know what shutter speed and aperture were, and everyone else in the class had taken photography courses in high school or at other colleges. I had a lot to learn! But eventually I learned how to shoot manually (now I can’t imagine shooting in Auto!). I graduated from BYU with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography.

I think my favorite part of photography is that it makes people happy. I love capturing an image that people smile over and want to share with others. They hang it on their wall and it reminds them of something they love. I’m a big fan of record keeping and what better way to do it than visually. Pictures say so much. That’s probably why people are my favorite subject to photograph. It’s the people in our lives that make life what it is.

Of course, I love photographing beautiful things, especially beautiful people (why I love shooting brides!). I love photographing pretty interiors among other things. I am also in love with Photoshop. It’s amazing what you can do with it. I know there are reasons to disagree with manipulating portraits, but honestly I just think it’s fun : ) I love doing beauty retouching. As long as we all know it’s unrealistic to have flawless skin, it’s okay right? Every girl loves to get dolled up!


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