Pinspired: Date Night Getup

Brigham, my husband, has joked a couple of times that I don’t dress up cute for him, that I just do it for the blog (insert rolling eyes and a discouraged, sarcastic sigh)…

…But it’s not true!

For the record, (a) I get dressed up for me because it makes me feel pretty (b) the blog holds me accountable and motivates me to actually do it and (c) if I happen to look nicer than usual, then I say, lucky him!

That said, I have to say, that we did have a fantastic date night last night.

We were given a groupon for a persian food restaurant from the indian couple I used to baby sit for, and thus, took a break from our typical Chili’s run and tried a new restaurant!  The food was absolutely DELICIOUS!  Who knew that rice and kabob’s could be so delicious and sweet?  Then, Brigham wanted ice cream, naturally, so we iPhone map-quested ourselves to a local ice cream shop:

The place was HUGE and PACKED with local families and happy children.  We were charmed.

Then, we wen’t home and watched “Being Elmo” and Brigham fell asleep.

But, this is how I looked!

Special thanks to Madeline for posting this outfit on her fashion blog, and then pinning it.

The best part is, I got this amazing shirt at Buffalo Exchange for free ($0), because I traded something in.  And, my jeans were already in my closet 5+ years from Nordstrom Rack (I think $30).

In fact, speaking of dates, I wore these jeans on our first date with Brig!

Amazing what a pair of great jeans can do for your love life.  Just sayin’…



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