12 Art Projects for 2012

About a year ago, when contemplating leaving my former employment at Enterprise, one of the motivators was that I recognized a need to get back to my artistic roots.

Before I found a new job, or even looked for one, I did some research for local art programs that wouldn’t break the bank, and pledged to myself that I’d make time for more school (art classes).

I even posted it on my former blog (wstandsforwe) as a goal:

“Obtain a Graphic Design Certificate from MA College of Art and Design (still need to apply)”

Yeah.  So.  Hasn’t happened yet.

The program lasts 3 years (part-time), and requires a portfolio, letters of recommendation, etc.  Before I apply I need to accomplish some things.  Buying a Mac and getting the Adobe programs I need is step 1 (along with other art supplies).  Building a portfolio I can be proud of  is step 2.  I’ll worry about letters of recommendation (step 3), and how long we are actually going to be in Boston (not a step, but pretty critical), later.  I’m finally on the path though!

I know I’m not the only person who has blown off art to make time for a more streamlined, practical life/job (or motherhood, though I’m not there yet).  But, let’s be honest – it hasn’t made us happy.  If you’re thinking “I know” then I think you should make your own 12 for 2012 list!  Let’s do this together!

Below is my ambitious plan to build a diverse art portfolio before 2012 ends:

1.       Draw the musical instruments in my house (multiple sketches/styles)

2.       Learn the “encaustic” technique and DO IT (read: invest in new art supplies)

3.       Do a series of crooked Boston 3-story house prints (hand carved)

4.       Finish my mixed media city-scape

5.       Learn how to emboss paper & make my own greeting cards

6.     Design my own Christmas cards this year (and send them).

7.       Learn how to book-bind and make journals/books

8.       Visit 3 major art museums in the city

9.       Learn HTML code

10.   Do a mixed media using sheets of music

11.   Illustrator/Photoshop prints: make 10 inspiring quotes come to life.

12.   Design a print – send it to spoonflower.com and get it printed on fabric and use it on a project (home decor).

Hold me accountable!



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