Painting and Drawing

I have hauled my oil paints around the country since my college days. I think I’ve used them twice in the last 6 years. You know what the cool thing is about oil paints?

They don’t dry out!

Good thing too – because I seriously could not afford to start from scratch. In case you didn’t know – oil paints (and almost ALL art supplies) are dang expensive.

A sneak peek (don’t get too excited)…

There is something very satisfying about sitting down with my paints, some music and an hour or two to lose myself in the process.

Below, my painting buddy.

When the Little Man is napping, Noonie and I get busy. I would be easy for me to sit her in front of Netflix and let her watch cartoons all afternoon (and once in a while we have one of those kind of days) but I really try to avoid it. Maybe you other moms have noticed this problem, but it seems like the more tv she watches – the crankier she gets.

Anyway, it’s been so fun flexing my “artsy” muscles. They are badly out of shape! I spent the better part of an afternoon watching YouTube videos on different oil painting mediums  (ps, this is video 1/23)- because there are a million 23+ and I couldn’t really remember which did what.

I went to the store yesterday and still bought the wrong kind. (Of course)

AND I haven’t forgotten about this little project:

I finally made a drawing on illustration board! It’s coming along very slowly. My plan is to go over this with ink and maybe do a light water color wash.

I’m so glad we started this blog!



3 responses to “Painting and Drawing

  1. Emily, your drawing is absolutely darling! Also, I totally agree about screen time making the kids cranky. I try to avoid it too, although sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

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