Pinspired (Nortstrom) Skirt & Cardi look for $4

Through the magic of photoshop, I was able to take this picture with my computer in my dimly lit living room and transform the background as though I had a white backdrop.  Unfortunately, between the camera quality, my novice photoshop skills, and the poor lighting, the picture of me is more pixilated than I’d like.  The skirt looks black, but just use your imagination, because it actually is 100% denim.

The pin (image on right) is an outfit from Nordstrom, which, lets be honest, is currently out of my price range.  I pinned it a few months ago and decided that it was definitely on the list of possibilities to replicate.  Brigham and I happened to be at an after-Christmas sale at Old Navy, and I picked up this sweater for $4.  Everything else I already had in my closet for 2+ years.  My look is actually mustard yellow and white, but for $4, I’m happy!  Plus, who doesn’t love a little mustard yellow – I feel like this color is everywhere!

Old Navy Cardigan: $4.00

Shade Jean Skirt: already had

Shade Camisole (yellow): already had



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