Pencil Skirt Tutorial by Bethany

This is a guest post from Bethany!  You can find Bethany blogging at lilbitandnan and Sew Weekly.

When I go shopping for clothes, I look at them more by pieces of a pattern rather than a whole. Once I figure out how it’s put together I usually skip the clothing purchase and head to the fabric store to embed on a journey to make my own. This happened to be one of those weeks.

First grab a pencil skirt with no stretch, one yard of fabric or more depending on size needed, scissors, and pins.
 Fold your skirt in half along the folded  part of the fabric and pin around the skirt an inch more.
 Cut along pins. This will be the front piece of your skirt.
Then take your cut piece and place it on the fabric next to where you just cut. Keep it folded. Cut along already cut piece. This will be the back two pieces of your skirt.
Pin your side seams together, right sides facing. Sew, then press.
For the back seam, sew from where the end of the zipper will start to either the bottom of the skirt or as far as you want your slit to go. My slit is about 6 inches and my seam from top of slit to bottom of zipper is 11 inches, my zipper is 9 inches.
After sewing the back seam, sew in your zipper according to the zipper package instructions.
Then fold over the edges of the slit and sew them flat. This is the easy cheater way of sewing a slit.
Now put your skirt on inside out, and mark where you will need darts, front and back.
Sew the darts down the press.
hem up the skirt as far as you want.
End result is this:
Thanks for having me again!

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