Mini-Make Over Update – Still in the works

Two weeks ago I did a post on a mini-make over I was attempting for my “dining” area. If you need a refresher, here it is.  Well I finally finished cutting out my frame “templates” and have taped them up on the wall.

I think I might need to do some editing.  In the meantime, the paper has been taped to my walls for 4+ days. (This was brought to my attention by my husband – thanks dear) I was hoping  to get some viewer feedback. I feel like the wall needs something round, instead of so many frames… like a mirror or wreath? I’m open to suggestions, so please send them my way!



4 responses to “Mini-Make Over Update – Still in the works

  1. I never thought to do the paper template before. That is better than a million holes in the wall when I change my mind. (something round would be good)

  2. Ooh I am liking where this is going! 🙂 I think a round item in there would look cool 🙂 Even just a cool empty round or oval frame, a mirror, or a textured round placemat or ceiling medallion.

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