Flashback Friday: The Life and Times of Apt 32 & Apt 2

Bayba and I collaborated in a major way to bring this one to you.  Both of us unfortunately suffered hard drive crashes and lost data on this time in our lives…so pictures are somewhat limited (sorry).  It is so hard to believe that this precious period of our lives basically happened 7-10 years ago.  Yikes!  We are getting so old.

Throughout the course of checking our memories on who lived with us when, we sourced our old journals and photo archives and found some interesting stuff.  By interesting, of course I mostly mean embarrassing.  My-oh-my, the ridiculous things we analyzed, the insecurities we had in ourselves, and for me, the things I just would not let go…yikes!  Those feelings seem so entirely foreign to us now.  We had some good hearty laughs about them.  On the other hand, we seemed to have such simple faith in the Lord, and we really did go to him over every little single thing that concerned us.

Maybe in that regard we have something to look up to in our younger selves.

I really loved this time in my life (can you tell?).  Everyone says that there is nothing like the college years, and that you will look back on them forever.  Ours were truly golden.

Good times.  Good times.

In addition to the picture below, I’m adding a few highlights of Spring 2002, my first year moving in with these girls (that unfortunately I don’t have pictures of):

  • Aveda
  • Something Corporate
  • Surfing
  • Randy’s dreadlocks
  • quote board
  • roaches
  • pepto couch
  • Pam’s veganism
  • Chrissy’s hair color and shoe problem
  • the smell of surf wax
  • random people sleeping on the couch
  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Live Shows (music) of unknown bands
  • stains on the carpet
  • posters
  • Pinback “oh penelope”
  • Bob Marley (greatest hits)
  • “THAT IS NOT OK”…and other Pam rants
  • Stomping
  • being broke
  • Bayba’s bike, shuttle and food court escapades
  • Drawing and Painting with Bayba
Behold…for your enjoyment!


3 responses to “Flashback Friday: The Life and Times of Apt 32 & Apt 2

  1. Oh the memories! I miss the “golden” days. Honestly, best experience of my life with the best people. I will hold you all so close to my heart forever. P.S. I have pics, I’ll scan them in ans email them to you.

  2. so many good memories, i look back at those years and smile and laugh at how absolutely ridiculous I was. Love nostalgia

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