Limonata Love

I have a problem. Well, I have lots of problems. But I have a problem that I could do something about. If I decided to exert a teeny, tiny bit of self control…

I am obsessed with soda.

I just can’t quit it.

Fresca, Dr. Pepper, Squirt (the Ruby Red kind), Diet Coke, Sonic drinks with their delightful little ice pebbles… yum…

Thirsty yet?

And my latest fav – Sanpellegrino Limonata.  I had this stuff for the first time last year. Instant believer!

I know that soda isn’t good for me. I know it. Before I got pregnant I exercised some self control when it came to how much I drank. I rarely bought it – it was more of a rare “treat” when we would eat out. OR when I was having an especially long “it’s a diet coke kind of day”.

But it’s bad now. I have some sort of carbonated beverage everyday. I would probably look less pregnant if I could cut it out of my diet all together. Oh, how I envy people that don’t even like soda!!

Anyone else have a habit they want to kick? Maybe we could start a support group 😉



One response to “Limonata Love

  1. Though I am grateful for my soda self control, I am a shopaholic. I don’t always purchase the items I throw in the cart – I just have to walk around a store(physically and online) and shop. Then I talk myself out of spending the money to avoid the stink eye I would get from Robert, and just leave my cart. Leave the store empty handed. i suppose it’s therapy but it’s also not healthy. I have a need to pretend to shop.

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