Speaking of San Fran…

Since the hubs is away this weekend, I’m making the most of my free time and getting my artsy fartsy on.

Thanks to the freshly posted road-trip, I was reminded of a print I made in my favorite art class in college: printmaking.  I made this print from a huge slab of wood, and carved away.  The image was essentially taken from a picture I took on the streets of San Francisco on that very weekend.  I gave away all of the prints I made to friends and family, so I have not seen it in years.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law was kind enough to take a picture of it and send it my way (thanks Jyness).

Admittedly, I am not very knowledgable with adobe illustrator and photoshop (I only took one class on it, and even that was about 5 years ago), but I know enough to get frustrated about what I don’t know!  At any rate, I had a lot of fun tweaking this image around to include a quote that has been on my mind for the past month or so.

On the quote, this is actually a line from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.  Having never read the book, I decided to watch the movie (the old one) last month because (a) I was going through Downton Abbey withdrawals (b) the new one wasn’t streaming on Netflix yet and somebody told me the new one was good, so how bad could the old one be?  (c) my sister-in-law Kjersta is pretty much over the moon for Jane Eyre.  To be honest, it took everything I had to not turn it off.  I was even kind of mad that I sat through the whole thing, because I just didn’t get excited about it at all, and I wanted my 2 hours back.

However, there were a couple of lines that really popped (this being one of them) at the time, and as I have reflected on the various characters, plot, etc., I have really grown to appreciate the story a lot and plan to read the book sometime soon.  Don’t judge!  I’m pretty sure I was supposed to read that book in High School…but you know how that goes.


{Instagram style}


2 responses to “Speaking of San Fran…

  1. Beautiful!!!! Call me and and ill let you know which Jane eyre to watch, some are tons better than others, and worth the time.
    Love you,

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