Flashback Friday: Amy’s Wedding Road Trip!

Jones and I lived together for 4 1/2 years (right, Jonesy?). Not only did we live together, we shared a room the entire time. For a couple of years we worked at the same place and during one semester at school we had ALL the same classes together, except for one! And we never fought. Like, never. I mean I think we could be bugged by one another occasionally (in a sisterly sort of way) – but zero drama between us!

Truly, we lucked out with roommates and good friends in general through out those college years. While rummaging through my old photos I came across some real gems. Unfortunately my scanner gave up the ghost. BUT I did (thankfully) have some pictures burned to a cd.

Amy was our roommate for… I don’t even know. Maybe just a year?  I’m having trouble remembering when Amy moved in. I do remember meeting her at institute and thinking, “This girl seems really cool”. I approached her and said that our apartment was looking for a new roommate. Was she interested? And she said yes. Then end.


It was seriously short and to the point like that. Amy was a youngin’ compared to the rest of us. Meaning she was 18 – when the rest of us were 20-21. But you would never know it! Amy was (IS) super put together, smart, and one of the funniest people I know.

She got married in March of 2005, in Oakland. So of course we were going to be there! ROAD TRIP.

It was a short trip, but lots of fun. Our friend Carrie drove me, Jones, and our roomie Crystal. Along the way we stopped at the beautiful Stanford Campus in Palo Alto. Yeah, if I could afford to live there I totally would. It is beautiful.

We wandered the Rodin sculptures at the campus art museum and took a picture or two.

Once we got to San Francisco we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. Crystal was especially excited about the chocolate.

Our hotel room with the random Albert Einstein picture…

And of course, Amy’s wedding! (We met up with our fellow Long Beach friend, Katie at the Temple and the reception)

Amy looked absolutely lovely!

I think it was after the reception and on our way home that we stopped by the Fog City Diner (a well-known little San Fran joint that has been featured in a few movies). Being broke college students, Jones and I decided to share a salad. It was like a $10 salad, so it should have been huge. Right? Wrong. Our Cesear salad consisted of THREE romaine lettuce leaves with a handful of croutons on top. I remember the dressing tasted good… but I mostly remember being disappointed. Thankfully, Carrie ordered some fries and graciously shared them with us. They were probably the best french fries I have ever tasted! (I find it funny that some of the events from this trip are just a blur – but the food – I can remember the food almost perfectly. Ha!)



4 responses to “Flashback Friday: Amy’s Wedding Road Trip!

  1. Sad I missed this! I think Amy moved in when I moved out… So fall 2004? I remember getting a letter telling me she was getting married and how perfect Gage was =). Love you guys!

  2. Great post! LOL!! I remember the salad too, that was hillarious! Amy’s wedding was amazing! I loved the slideshow her sister did for them.

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