Hi I’m Emily, and I’m a recovering workaholic…

For as long as I have been an adult, which I consider age 21, I have carefully nurtured an addiction to work.

It all started my final semester of college, when I decided to juggle an internship/job in social work, a full load of units, and a part-time job.  I had a freshly minted, severely broken heart, and I thought it would be more productive to work than cry, or pretending to enjoy socializing with people I didn’t really care that much for.  Ever since then, I have either had 2-3 jobs, had one job and night classes, or worked a job that required lots of overtime.

Really, most of that was me spinning wheels.

Work can be a very great friend, and I have come a long way in my career thanks to it, but there comes a point when you have to think about why you are slaving your days away.  Occasionally, it’s worth an honest assessment.

I just found this paper I wrote on last summer when I was cleaning a few days ago.  It is something I wrote down to de-stress over summer when I decided I was no longer happy in my previous position.  At any rate, I thought it would be appropriate to share:

(+ two pictures I drew on the back)

What happened after I wrote this down is this:

I started actively looking for a new job.  I prayed for help.

Within 24 hours of posting my resume, I was called for an interview for the job I am currently working for way more $$, more prestige, way fewer hours and a lot of flexibility.

I took the job, gratefully (and I love it).


After a few months, I started getting bored with the extra time on my hands…and went and got a part-time job….and then a few weeks later, another one.

3 jobs.

a.k.a. more spinning wheels

Last week, happily, I recognized my problem and narrowed it back down to one + the blog + wifehood.

Like my beautiful drawings demonstrate, there is always an alternate route – it is usually just a matter of choosing it.

Like I said, I’m recovering.



One response to “Hi I’m Emily, and I’m a recovering workaholic…

  1. I enjoyed reading this. What do you do for a living? Your Great Uncle les Jones was an artist. His son, Jason, my cousin, is an artist and lives in (I think) Brooklyn NY.

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