My Super Talented FB Friends

I think it’s time for a shout out to a few of the people who inspired me.

Behold, my super talented and inspiring FB friends:



Camille and I became friends thanks to Visiting Teaching, and I am so glad!  She used to be a home-ec teacher and literally can create anything.

In fact, a couple of months ago, she was even a top 10 finalist for Shabby Apple designs (the winner got to sell their design to Shabby Apple and get royalties) for a dress she imagined up and submitted.



Wesley and I were in the same San Diego singles ward once upon a time, and met because she took my place when I moved out of my place.  At the time I knew she worked at Hurley International as a graphic designer, but the other day I followed a fb link to her blog and could not stop admiring her artwork for days on end.  Now she designs for Jedediah clothing, Urban Outfitters, and is basically all over the hip surf culture scene.  Wow.



Jenni is a sweetheart that I have known for quite a few years now, from back in my long beach days.  A few years ago she started popping out cute little accessories like flowery headbands.  Now she has an entire business (Bloomies) on Etsy that- round of applause- she just quit her day job to run!  Amazing.  P.S. I love everything she makes.



Loralee (who I always knew as Sister Barratt) met briefly on the mission in the great state of Hawaii, and pretty much have not had a conversation since then (you know how that goes) Anyway, thanks to the magic of FB this post that showed up on my ticker…

“I HATE MY NEW MACBOOK PRO – BC LION IS SO STUPID. I used spaces CONSTANTLY and now it’s gone. So bummed.”

…Since I just bought a new mac, I was curious what she was doing with hers, and discovered her fantastic website {which unfortunately is currently under construction at the moment} but is pretty impressive if you get a chance to wander over in the future.



Sigh.  Jess and I used to hang out all the time and be artsy fartsy in good old Boston before she moved away.  I miss you Jess!  Anyway, she just gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen, but prior to, was sewing up these cute little baby booties, among a plethora of other projects.  Our artsy-fartsy adventures must continue via blog for now. 



My (well, our) dear friend Pamela Jean has always been a creative genius and lived life with just the right amount of spunk.  Also a veteran roomie of Bayba and I, she has lately been known to, among other important things, be fulfilling her dreams as a surf-fashion-designer at O’niell and baking large quantities of cake pops.  Thats right, cake pops.  In fact, she just opened her own cake-pop business!



This FB friend is the wife of my sister’s husband’s brother, so yeah, we’re related.  I have actually met Madeline a couple of times at family functions, so that solidifies it.   She may or may not know this, but I have been following her fashion blog for about a year now, and I always click on her ‘baby babble’ blog posts (despite the fact that I don’t have a baby, maybe someday this info will come in handy).  Anyway, the girl is down to earth and has great style.  How can I (or you) not follow her blogs?  They never disappoint.



There is only one word to describe this FB friend.  Gem.  Tegyn is probably the person on this post who I can relate the most to, and hope most to follow in footsteps.  Ever humble and sweet, about two years ago, we met because she was working 3 jobs and didn’t know what she wanted to do, but liked photography.  She was building her portfolio, and she cheerfully volunteered to take our wedding photos for free!  Then she took the most AMAZING pictures that have ever been taken of me (and she made Brigham look great too).  And boom, she just exploded!  She wanted to be a photographer, and I want to be a writer…maybe one day I can be a success just like her!

You can see all of her amazing wedding, food, family, and life photography here:

(Oh, to be tan again)

Thank you girls for inspiring me!



4 responses to “My Super Talented FB Friends

  1. Aww, shucks. Thanks for the sweet shout out! I am glad you like the Babble posts, they are fun to write and so different from uber chic.

    I’ve been following your stuff here, keep it up!

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