Hi blog. Remember me? It’s been a while I guess. So here is something I just started working on. And thanks to Pinterest, I found some motivation to dive into this project. (So I guess this post could fall under our “Pinspired” category too.)

And because a little back story almost always seems to be necessary, here it goes:

The hubs and I have been married for 6 1/2 years. Up until a year and a half ago, we’ve never had our own place! So you can imagine how excited I was to finally have a place to decorate, all of my own. The only problem was, the hubs started law school. Law school + little family = no money. Oh well, right? I know there are tons of creative ways to decorate on a budget, but really, when you’ve got diapers to buy, clothes for the rapidly growing kids, it’s easy to put home decorating on the back burner. Well, we are half way done with law school, broke as ever – but I am dying to make my home feel “homier.”

Pinterest, I blame you. (Insert pictures of beautiful home decor here. Apparently I am having some hair-ripping-out issues with uploading these pictures and I refuse to spend another 30 minutes on it, so just use your imagination.)

I have a small area of our “dining” room that needs some serious work.  (I even left it all nice and messy so the “before” pictures would be more dramatic! I keep a lot of crafting, coloring stuff in this drawer and my 3 year old has access to it, obviously)

I got a free dresser from a fellow law-student family back in Florida. Since moving to Texas, I have sanded it, painted it  black, and put new knobs on it. Before I did that it was about the color of our table. Now, I didn’t want to paint it black originally. I wanted to do something bright and happy, or at least an antique white… but if I did that, then I’d be entering the “If you give a mouse a cookie” story: If you paint the dresser white, then you’ll have to paint the wall,  if you paint the wall, you’ll have to replace the couches, if you replace couches then you might as well get a new rug. And since you got a new rug, and your whole place looks so much brighter and cuter, you should probably replace your tiny table and the chairs, because they don’t go with the rest of your house.

See the problem? By August 2013 we’re out of here anyway (if not sooner). I am not ready to invest that much time/effort/money into this place. So the dresser went black.

And while I’m not willing to give this place a head to toe make over (as much as I would looove to), I think you can all agree that little corner of my house needs some work.

And then I saw this on Pinterest:


I have small collection of frames and at one point threw a bunch of pictures on my wall, but I wasn’t feeling it. I’ve taken them all down and I’ve started to trace all of the frames on to the butcher paper. I haven’t made it very far into my project and this is why:

 Introducing, Thing 1 and Thing 2

(I will refer to this one as “Noonie”)

 (And this one as “Little Man”)

Little Man was awake when I started to trace my frames on the butcher paper. He thought he would help me.

By sitting in my lap.

“Oh, hi mom. Were you in the middle of something?”

And then he stole my pencil and commenced with scribbling on the paper.

Super helper!

I would have been fine with this, but then he was after the scissors and then Noonie wanted in on the action and then there was fighting over the pencil… So I just just put everything away.

So it may be a little while before I have something significant to show for all of this! But I will keep you guys posted…



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