“Is Everyone Running Without Me?” …and other concerns

Lately, everywhere I turn (on Facebook, pinterest, blogs, and real life) it seems like I am the only person left in the world who hasn’t jumped into a 5K race and been super stoked about it.

So, naturally, I wonder, is everyone running/working out without me?

In the past year, it has come to my attention that there is such a thing as mud runs, which apparently are obstacle courses that make you run, suffer, climb rope towers, suffer, jump through fire, suffer, and get really dirty (and are fun?).  Also, there seems to be a 5k or a marathon with a “different theme” (really?  It’s all running people) about every week somewhere in the US that my friends on Facebook and in the blog world just can’t wait to get a plane ticket to join in on.  Fun fun fun.  I know, don’t knock it till you tried it – right?  When I worked at the Boston (Logan) Airport last year, we had hoards of people fly in for the Boston Marathon, which I discovered, only the the best marathon runners are allowed to participate in (i.e., you MUST have a qualifying time that is ridiculously low).  Lastly, my own sister, who up until a year ago I was 100% sure disliked intense exercising as much as I did, has now become a veteran of 5k’s, mud runs, “insanity”, “p90x”, and I think there may even be a marathon under her belt.

In the “and other concerns” portion of this post, thanks to seemingly endless food-related documentaries on Netflix (produced probably by vegans), I genuinely am concerned about what I feed myself and my husband.  I am not interested in being an organic vegetarian/vegan, but I do envy those people who seem to really enjoy eating vegetables and protein.

This isn’t just a complain post.  Admittedly, there is some degree of envy and and jealousy that other people have figured out how to work exercise and healthy diet into their busy lives, and I have not.  Deep down inside there is a former all-star soccer player who didn’t try out for the high school team because it would involve too much running, who regrets it.  There is also a wife who really doesn’t want her husband to get diabetes (as both of his parents have), and a former slim “I don’t have to work for it” body that now has a little extra unwanted cushion. The thing is, I don’t want to be obsessed and do all of these things just to be cool and hip and post awesome instagram photos of my chiseled abs.  I want to have more energy, and I do feel like I would look better if I lost just 10 lbs, and I do genuinely enjoy exercising because it makes my whole self feel way better.  I did get a gym pass to the ymca and I fully intend to use it (once I stop working 2 jobs/12 hour days), and I have been watching “the Biggest Loser” lately.  Also, I really enjoy these two blogs that record health/weight loss/exercise journeys of 2 young adult girls:



So here’s to my public declaration that although I am admittedly no enthusiast of super grueling runs (at least not yet), I am willing to pronounce at least a marginal interest in running, eating healthy, and the like.  Hopefully this blog post will mark the beginning of the reconciliation of my laziness and lack of discipline with exercising, and my fantasy of being fit!  Feel free to join in the fun!

Can anyone else relate?  Or better yet, enlighten me on what I am missing out on? Post your comments, if you will 🙂

P.S. Thank you Mindy Kaling, for inspiring the title of this post.  I’m pretty sure you can relate.  I plan to download you book soon on my kindle!


2 responses to ““Is Everyone Running Without Me?” …and other concerns

  1. Hey Emily! Jenn and I (separately) thought we needed to get some more running into our lives and are both admittedly not runners… I particulary dislike running altogether! But … with my “after 3 kids body” I figured I may as well give it a go – somethings gotta give, right? So we (Jenn and I) have been doing the couch to 5k program, and it’s going well, though I’m filled with dread and fear each week as I see how much longer I have to run and how many fewer walking breaks I get 🙂 Jenn’s on week 4 and I’m on week 3, by the end of 9 weeks we should be able to run a 5k. The program is 30 minutes 3 x’s a week. You should check it out if you’re thinking of taking up running:)

  2. Thats great Amy! That is exactly what I need. First I am going to quit my babysitting job in the evenings. Then my goal is to wake up early (I don’t have to work until 9am) and go to the gym, read my scriptures, etc. Then, maybe I can start a running program!? PS – if you ever want to post anything creative you (and jenn) are working on to our blog, we are happy to have you aboard!

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