Pinspired Valentines

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Jones and I certainly do. I follow a lot of my fellow mommy-friends and they always seem to find the cutest/most creative kid-related pins. I’ve been pretty lousy about doing holiday related crafts with my daughter – but I was feeling pinspired by these monster valentines:

Monster Valentine Cards

I thought we could make those and make them cuter! I don’t scrapbook – but I love scrapbook paper and have a little collection of it. I buy a little here and there, always thinking “I’ll use it! For something someday…”

So happens I just bought some cute Valentine themed paper from the Target Dollar spot (LOVE the dollar spot). Now, the actual “crafting” of this project was largely up to me – with drawing the monsters and then cutting them out. Noonie did have fun helping me glue these guys together. I even had her practice writing her name on some hearts we glued to the inside of the cards. Crafty/educational = win/win.


And even though we didn’t assemble them quite right (like gluing the monster to the inside of the card and not the outside) I think they turned out pretty cute! Thanks Pinterest!

– Bayba


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