Getting back into the game

I have been itching to post on the blog for days now (Shout-out Jones, the blog looks SO amazing!) – but I’ve been having some serious technical hang ups. I wanted to have an art project done by now, but since it’s not done I will post some of the sketches I’ve made thus far and talk a little bit about my inspiration.

I haven’t sat down with the intent to illustrate something, complete it and have it gallery (err… wall) ready in YEARS. But I feel determined and now, accountable to get this thing done.

SO. Back in my college days, I have to say one of my absolute most favorite classes ever was Costume Figure drawing. I think I loved it so much because a) I could draw people, my favorite subject and b) the models weren’t naked! Double score!  And drawing costume was fun! Our models would wear anything from 40’s style vintage, medieval dresses, western, etc…

Now, flash forward to now and my latest television obsession: Downton Abby. IF you have not watched this BBC series I highly recommend you do. And if you love costume, you will LOVE this show. The dresses and hats are amazing. I’ve been thinking a bit about how radical women’s fashion changed from the early 1900s to the 1930s.

A few months ago (I know, I’m a bit all over the place but it will all become clear in shortly) I was going through my external hard drive and found some scans of  an art project I did for one of my illustration classes. It was a series of 3-4 illustrations depicting a story my grandma told about herself when she was a little girl. My grandma was a little girl in the 30s… I made the illustrations for her and don’t have the originals AND the external drive seems to be corrupted now otherwise, I’d post those pictures too.

I’m not planning on recreating those illustrations, but they were sitting in the back of my mind. Take that + interest in 30s fashion + my kids (I am constantly inspired by them) =

Now normally I’m not too keen on showing anything in its most primitive form but here you have it. Hello world, I am drawing again!



3 responses to “Getting back into the game

  1. Bayba, I love watching Downton Abbey for their costuming and fashions. So inspiring to me as a dressmaker and designer. I also have missed seeing your artwork. You have such a talent. I know how hard it is to continue your talents while being mommy and wife as well. I struggle with this, and hardly sketch anymore. Thanks for your inspiration and sharing the same obsession with me.

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  3. Amazing as always…..some things never change. I do believe my parents still have a box of your drawings in their garage. Are you going to illustrate a kids book? Because you should! Kids are a wealth of ideas for kids books, my lids amaze me regularly with their creativity.

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